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Soccer Passing Drills

Soccer passing drills and practice sessions, Including ground passing and aerial passing distribution techniques and skills.  A common selection of passing drills and techniques need to be taught in the foundation coaching years (lofted passes, curved, chips, driven).  The ability to pass is fundamental to the modern possession based game. Passing Key Coaching Points


Passing Drills 9-11yrs

Passing soccer drills and practices and exercises for youth soccer.  Players should have completed most basic level passing training at this point.  Players should be capable of passing over both short and medium distances at the end of this phase.

Soccer Passing Drills 12-15yrs

Intermediate level passing sessions and exercises/drills for players post 11yrs.  These passing drills and sessions start to encompass possession based theory, switching play, crossing, combination play, amongst other topics.

Possession Drills

Possession skill practices are both opposed and non-opposed soccer drills design to develop a players abilities to maintain possession of the football.  Possession passing drills are a key component to developing a teams ability to keep the football. To review more related training exercises refer to Soccer Drills.

Passing Switching Play

Fundamental to maintaining possession and also exploiting our opponents weakly defended areas is the ability to switch play (also known as changing the point of attack).  This requires a range of passing and the ability to move the football quickly from one side of the field to the other.

Positional Rotations

Passing and possession soccer drills that focus on developing the interchanging and rotation of players in the attacking phase.

Passing and Control

Passing drills that also have an emphasis on control and touch.

Combination Passing

Combination play and passing are directly linked and are dependent on each other.  Well timed passing combinations are required in the break down of defensive lines.  These passing drills provide a focus on combination play.

Rondo Soccer Drills

4vs4 (+3) Transition Game

Transitional rondo exercise used to develop various aspects of play in tandem. Primarily possession skills with transition to attacking and also defending. Exercise should be used positionally to develop appropriate...

23-12-2015 Hits:91727 Transition Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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Midfield Rotations Rondo

Possession activity designed to develop rotations and intelligent movement of midfielders to create supporting angles when in possession.

11-12-2015 Hits:89979 Positional Rotations Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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5vs2 Rondo

Develop possession skills in a transitional rondo 5vs2. Possession skills and angles of support are coached as well as quick transitions between the attacking and defending phase of the game.

09-12-2015 Hits:93236 Possession Drills Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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Twin Grid Rondo

Quick possession activity with position functionality in two small possession grids. Soccer rondo exercise for developing quick play.

08-12-2015 Hits:54588 Possession Drills Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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4-3-3 Positional Rondo

Positional rondo exercise in a 433 shape. Could be modified for other formations. Coach possession specifically in a 4-3-3 with transitions and playing tight spaces. Could be used as a...

18-01-2015 Hits:124787 Possession SSG's Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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Bayern Munich Pre-Game Warm Up

Possession Warm-Up rondo activity involving 11 players. Dynamic position specific technical warm-up to increase the heart rate and prepare for a match. Should be performed after a standard dynamic warm-up...

21-11-2014 Hits:79923 Warm Up Games Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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