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Soccer Tactics Drills

Soccer tactics are used by the top football teams today have grown increasingly complex. Tactical drills are used in training sessions to develop an understanding of the tactics to be used in games. Nowadays, individual weaknesses in the opposition are researched ahead of time and exploited through soccer strategy. Players have to specialize in a particular position which they begin learning from an early age. A soccer coach is supposed to balance the players on his own football team according to their attributes while keeping in mind the enemy's strengths and weaknesses.

Definition of Strategy
Strategy is a 'Game Plan' based in the strengths and weaknesses of your own teams attributes, the expected behavior of the opponents, external conditions (i.e. field, weather, etc) and the rules of the game. Strategy bears in mind the expected behaviors and actions of our opponents.

Definition of Tactics
Tactics are the specific actions in which individuals, component groups, or the whole team can perform. Tactics refers to targeted actions that allow the realization of the strategy.