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Soccer Drills and Football Training

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Soccer Drills and Football Training

500+ Soccer coaching Sessions & Videos.
Combining Science and Soccer.

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The PSC Project aims to further the evolution of Intelligence football training and blend Neurological and Sports Science into football training. Providing a framework of efficient and effective training exercises to progress learning environments in football.

More About Us

Our mission is to create progressive and contemporary football training sessions in accordance with modern coaching methodology and neurological science. We prescribe to no one method or governing body.

Training Model

The Training Model is comprised of exercises categorized by the 'Phases of the Game' and further delineated by physical location on the football pitch (i.e. thirds). Sessions and training activities (which form the training model) are designed in accordance with the principles and research provided by neurological and physiological sports science. The game model is geared at developing players for playing modern elite and professional football. Providing exposure to challenging cognitive environments in combination with technical skill development.

The basis of the framework is “Tactical Periodization”. A training methodology that believes that no element of the game should be trained in isolation and should incorporate the strategies and patterns of the system(s) of play (i.e. Game Model). Associations with the 4 Phases of Play in a game (Attacking Organization, Defending Organization, Attacking Transition, Defending Transition) are embedded with the training program. With training exercises and sessions training in combination the technical, tactical, physiological and psychological elements of the game. Training environments should closely mirror the requirements of a match, giving consideration to the need for principles of overload where it is required for a specific desired training effect.

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Guiding Principles

The training library is a collection of foundational exercises that address the development of both the interdependent physiological and psychological systems in tandem. Unfortunately traditional coaching methodologies have centered around primarily isolated technical skill development.

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