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Pre-Game Warm Up

Warm-up drills and exercises used prior to a game which cover the three main aspects that must be touched upon in order to achieve maximum physiological readiness; Circulation - Picking up the Metabolic Rate, Musculature - Stretching, Coordination - Technical-specific Workout. To review more exercises refer to Soccer Drills.


Warm Up Drills

Warm-up drills are more regimented methods of allowing players to warm-up.  These can be performed with or without a football.  The majority of teams perform warm-up drills prior to all football games as part of the teams full warm-up routine.

Warm Up Games

Warm-up games are an easy way to allow players to warm-up in a dynamic and specifc way.  These can be incorporated into pre-game routines to allow players to perform the specific activities they would do in a football game.