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Soccer Feints and Moves Drills 15-Adlt

Small sided games and exercises used to train the use of skills/feints/attacking moves under pressure in game like situations.

Feints & Moves Sessions

Attacking 1vs1 Drill for Feints

Drill Objective(s)To train the ability to use feint moves to beat a defender 1vs1.Drill No: FNT1Age: 9-11yrsNo. Players:2+Area/Pitch:10x10x10yrdsDifficulty:EasyTime:15-20minsStandard ViewDiagram 1Standard ViewDiagram 2 ORGANISATION:Mark out a triangular area as shown above. Blue cones indicate...

24-01-2009 Hits:35928 Soccer Feints and Moves Drills 9-11yrs Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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