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Soccer Feints and Moves Drills 12-15yrs

Development of more advanced technical feints and moves/skills needed in soccer.  These include turns, feints and stop start moves and the small sided games used to coach these football skills.  At the intermediate level these exercises are performed under pressure.

Feints & Moves Sessions

Attacking 1vs1 Drill for Feints

Drill Objective(s)To train the ability to use feint moves to beat a defender 1vs1.Drill No: FNT1Age: 9-11yrsNo. Players:2+Area/Pitch:10x10x10yrdsDifficulty:EasyTime:15-20minsStandard ViewDiagram 1Standard ViewDiagram 2 ORGANISATION:Mark out a triangular area as shown above. Blue cones indicate...

24-01-2009 Hits:35931 Soccer Feints and Moves Drills 9-11yrs Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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