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Attacking 1vs1 Drill for Feints

Drill Objective(s)
  1. To train the ability to use feint moves to beat a defender 1vs1.
Drill No: FNT1Age: 9-11yrs
No. Players:2+Area/Pitch:10x10x10yrds
Standard View
Diagram 1
Standard View
Diagram 2
Mark out a triangular area as shown above. Blue cones indicate start positions. The sides of the triangle are approximately 10x10x10yrds. The defender (D1) has a collection of balls.

2 players alternate in dribble to their cone and back performing turns.

  1. D1 passes the ball in to A1. Both players are positioned on the blue cones.
  2. Once A1 has touched the ball D1 can enter and provide passive pressure (to start).
  3. A1 dribbles and performs a feint move(s) and attacks one of the seven gates. Each gate has different points associated to it if the attacker manages to get through it.
  4. A1 one dribbles through the gate to score. D1 attempts to intercept and dribble over the pointed cone line.

Players rotate after each attempt from attacker to defender. Perform passive for the first few goes then have the defenders go full pressure.


The attacker scores by dribbling through any gate. As they get closer to the goal (the red coned gate) the points increase.

  • Between the pointed cone and the first yellow cone = 1pt (Either side).
  • Between the 2 yellow cones = 2pts.
  • Between the yellow and red cone = 3pts.
  • Between the 2 red cones = 4pts.

Play for 5 minutes. The player (team) with the most points is the winner. The defender scores by taking the ball and dribbling across the pointed cone line.

  1. Change of pace to beat a defender.
  2. Positive attitude to beat a player.
  3. Experiment with different feint moves and combinations.
  1. The defenders become live and can tackle if the feint(s) are executed poorly.
  1. Can be played in teams.
Make sure players are not always practicing their favourite feint moves. Encourage them to try new ones and combinations to challenge themselves.
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Feints & Moves Sessions

Attacking 1vs1 Drill for Feints

Drill Objective(s)To train the ability to use feint moves to beat a defender 1vs1.Drill No: FNT1Age: 9-11yrsNo. Players:2+Area/Pitch:10x10x10yrdsDifficulty:EasyTime:15-20minsStandard ViewDiagram 1Standard ViewDiagram 2 ORGANISATION:Mark out a triangular area as shown above. Blue cones indicate...

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