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Soccer Drills

Soccer Drills

Soccer drills are important in developing a quality youth soccer teams. PSC soccer drills will allow you to create a fun and competitive soccer practices to prepare our players for matches. The soccer drills are designed to be age appropriate and are progressive. Using these soccer drills will develop a player’s soccer skills and help them reach their potential as an athlete.

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Browse modern soccer drills in our database by age or skill using this link: soccer drill search.

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All soccer training exercises and soccer drills help you teach the game of soccer more efficiently. Our soccer drills have been tested and used with teams and are shown to quickly improve players skills and tactical knowledge.

Passing Soccer Drills

Passing training exercises and drills for moderns youth and adult players (pros).  Possession soccer has become a prominent part of the game and passing ability is needed in order to maintain possession effectively.

Finishing Soccer Drills

Finishing drills to coach shooting in and around the penalty area.  Coaching this skill involves techical drills and also small sided games.

Control and Receiving Soccer Drills

Skill and high level touch is required at all levels of the game.  Players should be comfortable receiving in tight spaces with limited time to control the football.

Crossing Soccer Drills

The ability to deliver the ball from wide areas as part of a varied attack.

Defending Soccer Drills

Defending in the modern game requires 1vs1 defending skills as well as an understanding of how to defend in small groups and units of the team.

Heading Soccer Drills

Heading in both the attacking and defending third phase is a vital skill, regardless of position. Centre Backs and defenders should be particularly competent in heading.

Dribbling Soccer Drills

Dribbling is a skill most vital to attacking and midfield players looking to exploit space or take on players 1vs1.

Feints and Moves Soccer Drills

1vs1 skills and feint moves are critical to forward players and creative midfield play.

Soccer Warm Ups

Age all groups should execute mental and physical preparation in order to avoid injuries.

Soccer Psychology

As a coach we need to be equipped with knowledge of our players psychological profiles. Motivation, confidence, etc are all areas of research we draw from.

Soccer Formations

Analysis of soccer systems of play (formations), including 532, 442, 433, 451, 541, etc). Looking into the positives and negatives of each player formation.

Soccer Injuries

Injury prevention and diagnosis is improtant to creating a safe enviroment for players in both training and games.

Soccer Attacking Functional Drills

This involves using groups of players to train smaller concepts and tactics.

Football Defending Functional Drills

As above, but with a focus on defending training drills for specific positions.

Football Attacking Phases of Play

On 3/4 fields coach teams on how to exploit attacking options.

Soccer Defending Phases of Play

On 3/4 fields coach teams on how to defend in groups and in various formations.Typically players are coached in a specific position in that area of the field.

Soccer Attacking Small Sided Games

Small sided attacking games in various formats (4vs4, 7vs7, 8vs8, etc). SSGs are great ways to train/coach in a game like (realistic) environment.

Soccer Defending Small Sided Games

Defending games are efficient ways to create game realistic defending scenarios.

Soccer Set Pieces (Free Kicks, Corners)

40% of goals at a pro level are generated from set piece situations.  Suggestions for set pieces that you can develop or adopt.

11vs11 Training Games