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Soccer Crossing Drills 9-11yrs

Establishing the basic crossing technique for football.  Early, late crosses and cut-backs (45s) should be taught in un-opposed football drills and skill practices.

Crossing Sessions

Exploiting 1vs1 Wing Scenarios (Arsenal)

Develop wide player's ability to beat opponents 1vs1 and deliver a cross. Incorporates finishing and crossing technique as fundamental for the activity. Small sided game format with two competing teams...

20-03-2013 Hits:64284 Crossing and Wide Play SSGs TonyDeers - avatar TonyDeers

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Developing Quality Flank Play

Develop players’ ability to produce quality delivery from crossing opportunities. Develop players’ ability to finish from crosses. Develop players’ ability to distribute varied types of crosses in this 1/2 field session...

29-07-2011 Hits:58404 Flank and Crossing SSG's Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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Brazilian Technical Crossing Circuit

Drill Objective(s)To train the ability to use the flanks in the attacking phase.Train players in good build up play and finishing from the flanks.Drill No: CRO1Age: 12-15yrsNo. Players:6+ (Ideally 12)Area/Pitch:2/3 FieldDifficulty:HardTime:30minsStandard ViewDiagram...

23-01-2009 Hits:43875 Technical Crossing and Finishing Circuits - Level 3 Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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Flank Channel Game

Exercise designed to create overloads in wide areas and encourage crossing and finishing situations. Football crossing and finishing activities in a small sided game format to develop attacking play in...

14-12-2008 Hits:58446 Flank and Crossing SSG's Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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