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Attacking Principles of Play

Session Objective(s)
  • To develop understanding of the Attacking Principles of Play.
  • To develop an understanding of Penetration, Support, Width, Mobility, Improvisation/Creativity in relation to the attacking phase.

  1. Penetration - The ability to play through or behind the opposition. Exploit space with good on and off the ball movement.
  2. Support - teammates should be available in supporting positions ahead, to the side and behind the ball (first attacker or player in possession). This requires good dispersal when in possession to spread the field. Angles, distance and timing of passes becomes important.
  3. Width - The ability to stretch our opponents laterally across the field and also provide opportunity for penetration via wide areas. Correct positioning also gives opportunities to switch the play to exploit the weak side.
  4. Mobility - The ability to interchange positions and provide good movement to support the play. Movement on and off the ball to create space for the first attacker or other players.
  5. Improvisation/Creativity - The ability to provide inventive and unpredictable play, either through individual skills or small group combinations. For example: 1vs1's, 1-2's, overlaps, feint movements, etc.
  6. Transition - should be discussed and the strategy and tactics of a team to impliment the above within their style of play and also system of play.

Diagram 1 - Penetration

Diagram 2 - Support

Diagram 3 - Width

Diagram 4 - Mobility

Diagram 5 - Improvisation/Creativity